Advance is the ultimate career navigator for students and recent graduates

We are scouting thousands of graduate jobs and are using AI to find a perfect job for each graduate. Unlike traditional job boards, we do not prioritise the latest or sponsored listings. Only your profile-job fit matters. The better you complete your profile and the more you use Advance, the better and more personalised our suggestions become.

Companies that join our platform can engage directly with you. We help them discover you and assess the fit; so if someone invites you to apply that is because they loved your profile and they want to talk.

Let’s do this together! We are working hard on reinventing the graduate recruitment but there are still lots of things to do. Help us make the graduate recruitment better by leaving your feedback or joining our team.

Our Mission

We want to help every young person to find their calling in life. We believe everyone is great at something, and finding your passion is a path to success.

We help you discover your first job, prepare for and ace the selection process, grow and evolve from job to a job into a world-class professional. We believe everyone deserves a chance.

We believe that companies should be hiring first and foremost for your potential, rather than background or education. We believe that technology can help companies in doing so.

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Our Team

We experienced the pain of graduate recruitment first-hand both as graduates and employers. We also know too well the cost of suboptimal career choices and bad hires. We want to help you find your calling early on, so that you can focus on mastering your career.

We are a team of inventors, problem solvers and doers. We come from totally diverse backgrounds, yet we are bound by common vision and love of building great things. We teamed up in 2017 to accomplish our calling of helping young talent discover their passions, and paths in life.

Alex, Machine Learning


Machine Learning

Alex is a serial entrepreneur and a math geek. From internet retail to mobile games to nuclear power plant modelling – he’s done it all. He is always at the frontier, now machine learning is his passion.

Alex, Software Engineer


Software Engineer

Alex is a pixel perfectionist, he loves amazing UI and all things React. There is no design that could baffle him.

Arthur, CEO & Product


CEO & Product

Product and people are biggest passions for Arthur. Engineer at heart he loves building. Obsessed about helping people find their calling. An undercover techie, you can find him messing with CSS or data base architectures. Pink is his colour, being a father of two gorgeous princess.

Christina, Analytics



Professional translators often need to know something about everything. So as a translator, Christina is eager to learn about all sorts of things: whether it is cheese making or cyber security. Now she works on research about the best possible vacancies for graduates.

Elisa, Psychology



Figuring how to integrate the World of Warcraft into the candidate assessment, Elisa is obsessed with innovation in organisation psychology. Amazing UX is her passion – she makes us rebuild things.

Gulnara, Operations



Gulnara is an economist by education and educator by heart. Having spent more than 10 years in education management, it's her first time joining a geeky start-up team. Her passion is helping students define their future, hence Advance is a great place to do so.

Helen, Analytics



Searching for golden actionable insights from the data ocean is her hobby. Helen can spend hours scanning the information and nothing escapes her attention.

Ivan, Software Engineer


Software Engineer

There are no new technologies for Ivan, a couple days and he is on it. Single handily he run Disney online presence in Russia, now he is pushing the limits of the NLP for Advance.

Maria, Analytics



Maria believes analysis is the key. Outside of work, she is a huge fan of hiking. Maria once hiked all the way to Trolltunga and would love to do it again.

Serge, CTO



Serge is a born hacker, having mastered the analogue at the age of 7 he is disrupting the digital space ever since. The lead Pythonista of St Petersburg and a go-to mentor in a thriving community. He keeps us surfing the edge of the technology wave. Somehow, he is an amazing father of two.

Tania, Analytics



Being a recent History graduate Tania decided to focus on future rather than the past and trade dusty manuscripts for an opportunity to help young professionals find their dream job.

Vadim, Software Engineer


Software Engineer

Vadim is a coding cyborg, there is no task too large for him – consider it done already. He does not learn, he uploads new tech to his brain and gets going 24/7.

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