Advance is a AI-driven SaaS hiring platform for entry-level and graduate talent. In a nutshell, we utilize artificial intelligence to empower entrepreneurs and internal talent managers to source, screen and hire top quality young professionals in a matter of days.

Our partner companies share jobs with a large and diverse candidate pool of entry-level talent seeking opportunities in the UK. Companies specify who they want to target before instantly receiving a shortlist of exceptionally suited candidates ranked according to their suitability for the job and readiness to interview which they can invite to apply to the role right away.

Companies typically start receiving applications as well as responses to invitations-to-apply within a few days. Hiring managers use our simple interface to quickly review and filter applicants and make decisions on who to advance based on a more wholesome understanding of who the applicant is - leveraging data that cannot be reflected in a CV alone - and presenting it in a way that helps decision making to be more fair and consistent.

Our proprietary technology utilizes a next generation AI-based recommendation engine that takes into account what the company consider to be the ideal candidate and leverages feedback to better rank candidates; while at the same time applying warning signs should the AI identify bias in targeting or selection. This helps companies to automate and cut out parts of the hiring process that are both hugely time consuming and leave room for human error; while empowering hiring managers to spend their time on building relationships and advancing candidates that are highly relevant, engaged and ready-to-interview.

By continuously collecting bite-sized snippets of feedback from companies and the candidates that they interview, we are able to learn about how to deliver better suited candidates to our clients, faster.

Our platform covers 95% of the UK job market for entry-level talent and applies a unique AI-powered job discovery algorithm to help students, graduates and young professionals discover and apply to jobs that match their profiles.

By encouraging users to create a profile with Advance, we’re able to get a full view and capture information beyond their education and experience; leveraging insights on their motivations, preferences, expectations, timeline and suitability to put more relevant jobs in front of them.

By collecting bite-sized snippets of feedback from them and the companies they interview with, as well as using games to test on-the-job performance; we are able to learn about how to better advise young people on the types of jobs they’ll thrive in. In doing so, we are essentially directing candidates to roles that are more suited to their profile and those they have a higher probability of both landing and succeeding in.

Our job manager empowers users to save jobs, see application deadlines, visualise progress across all jobs they’ve applied to and compare offers. By providing users with a platform to engage and communicate with companies directly, giving them exposure to the entire job market, and compliment data-driven insights with automated and impartial career advice to support young people during what is considered to be the second most important, and arguably the most stressful decisions they will make at this point in their lives.

Firstly our technology is able deliver the entire market of actively seeking entry-level talent, on demand. Advance helps companies to get a greater proportion of diverse, relevant and engaged candidates into the pipeline, at the right time; rather than simply a higher volume of candidates.

Secondly, we’ve focused on building a better job search experience for candidates. Users love Advance because it’s easy-to-use; it enables them to discover jobs from the entire market of jobs relevant to them (without having to spend hours filtering on countless sites); they can easily build a profile, save and apply to jobs they love, track their progress and engage directly with employers where there is a match. Ultimately, it puts users in control of their job search process and enables them to discover and land an opportunity that they’ll love.

Finally, our team’s domain and technological expertise uniquely position us to change the way entry-level talent are hired. We work very closely with our partner companies to understand their hiring needs, budgets and existing problems to help them hire entry-level talent better, faster and for less money. Our clients get exceptional customer support and we are always listening to them to understand how we can make Advance better for them.

We cover a wide variety of roles across intern, graduate and young professional (up to 5 years exp.) level. Roles include Sales, Business Development, Analytics, Research, Marketing, Technology, Admin and many others. For more details, visit our employer page or get in touch with a member of our team.

For companies who are happy to use our self-serve model and are hiring just a couple people a year, Advance is 100% free. You can post up to 3 jobs for free and will have limited functionality in terms of inviting candidates to apply but it should be enough to get traction.

For companies wanting to engage with only the best candidates, our paid model is likely going to work better. You will get access to a shortlist of the best vetted candidates, advanced sourcing and screening tools, and a personal Account Manager who will support you to hire the best person for the job, speedily. You can view our pricing page for more information, speak to a member of our sales team or use our price predictor to get a better understanding of how we work.

Simply sign up and post your first job - it only takes a few minutes. From there you can upgrade your account if you are interested in using our premium service. Following a 15-min call with our success team to clarify your requirements and answer any questions that remain, you will be able to access your shortlist of vetted candidates and can start reaching out immediately.

If you prefer we can handle the payroll and all employment matters on your behalf, working with our trusted employment partner.

If you wish so we can deliver the shortlisted candidates to your ATS.

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