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5 Ways Your English Degree Can Land You That Dream Marketing Job

Aug 17, 2018



Over the last decade or so, English degrees have picked up a bit of a bad rap. With more and more people favouring vocational degrees like engineering and dentistry, some see English degrees as no more than expensive pieces of paper. But the fact is they couldn’t be more wrong.

English degrees can open up a wealth of possibilities in a range of different fields. And one such field is marketing. Though some will argue that qualifications in marketing or business studies are more directly applicable, an English degree is the perfect key to unlock this exciting and dynamic industry.

So whether you’re a recent English grad or thinking about studying the written word, here are 5 reasons why an English degree can get you that dream marketing job.

You Can Communicate

All marketing is a form of communication. The goal of the industry is to get the right message to the right people and convince them to act in a certain way. For English graduates, the ability to communicate effectively, both written and orally, should be second nature.

Having studied a variety of different voices and media (novels, essays, poems), English graduates have the ability to pick the right tool for the task. What’s more, as marketers work in fast paced environments, effective communication is vital.

You Can Cut Through Jargon

Part of great communication is being able to make your message as simple as possible. Marketing relies on an ability to take complex ideas and convey them in terms that anyone could understand.

Having broken down works from Chaucer to Camus, English grads have an innate ability to distil dense ideas and draw out clear, concise conclusions. Remember, while many grads will highlight their ability to think critically, English grads have been trained to do it.

You Can Create Content

Copywriting has always been a cornerstone of marketing but the surge of online marketing has put content creation front and centre. Every company is now looking to create articles, newsletters and blogs to help attract new customers to their brand. It’s a crucial tool in modern marketing.

Many English grads have a flair for creative writing. And that creativity, when combined with an ability to be persuasive and concise, lends itself perfectly to content creation.

You Have an Eye for Detail

Does anybody really know how a semi colon works? English grads do. In fact, a useful skill of English students is their ability to flush out grammatical gaffes. And this eye for detail is invaluable in marketing.

With Google punishing poorly written websites, the demand for proofreaders and editors has skyrocketed. English grads will find that their commitment to quality language is perfect for marketing.

You Can Juggle

Well, not literally. Although you never know when that might come in handy. Having spent years managing multiple deadlines, English grads are better equipped than most to handle the speed and demands of the marketing industry.

With companies requiring masses of content, from blog posts to ebooks, marketers need to juggle multiple tasks at once. The ability to handle these tasks efficiently will stand English grads in great stead.


So while it may not be obvious at first, an English degree is the perfect launch pad for a career in marketing. Thanks to a host of transferable skills, English grads can flourish in the industry. Once more unto the breach, dear friends.

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