7 steps to turning a graduate internship into a permanent job offer

Sep 3, 2018



For graduates, internships are a great way to make a start on their career path. Internships can last between 3 months and 12 months, tend not to require much experience, and give a lot of room for learning about the job. They also allow graduates to network and gain experience within their chosen industries before moving on to another job. Moreover, there is a possibility that it will turn into a permanent job offer, reducing some of the stress of further job hunting.

If you are thinking about or currently interning and hoping to turn your graduate internship into a permanent job offer, here are 7 steps to help you achieve that.


Work hard

This one is a bit of a given! But if you want to make a good enough impression for your employer to offer you a permanent position within the company, you need to show them that you are serious about the role and that you can and will help the company to achieve their goals. If you are able to prove yourself to be an asset to the company, your chances of being offered a permanent position will greatly increase. So buckle down and show the company what you can do.


Offer to take on more responsibilities

Someone who demonstrates that they are willing to learn and eager to take on new challenges and responsibilities will invariably make a good impression. When opportunities arrive, volunteer to undertake some extra tasks or to learn some new skills on the job. If you’re feeling confident, even offer to lead a task or project of your own. This will show your employers that you’re willing to do more to help the company thrive and you’re not afraid to take on a new challenge.

Be careful to not overshadow other employees in the workplace, though. It might be all too easy to fall in the trap of taking over someone else’s job! This might not do much to help you make friends in the office and it might suggest you are someone who can’t work well in a team.


Do the little things well

Yes, even the most boring of admin tasks. By doing these tasks well and putting effort into them, you are showing your employers that you have a strong work ethic and are not just there to do the fun stuff – you can get your head down. It all comes as part of the job and if you’re willing to take on those tasks without too much fuss, it will have a more positive impact on how you are seen as an employee and may increase your chances of landing that permanent role after the internship has ended.


Ask questions

Show your enthusiasm and willingness to learn by asking questions about the work, the company and its goals, especially at the start of the internship. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about things you are working on. There is no such thing as a silly question when you are trying to learn. It’s better to take the initiative and ask than to sit in a confused silence, especially when you have been assigned a new task.


Make notes

Taking a notebook with you to make notes about the work will really help in the long run. As well as looking more organised, notes can help you avoid asking repeat questions. the end of the internship you should have detailed information on everything you have worked on, which is invaluable when you update your CV or are preparing for interviews.


Network and socialise

Even though it is important to build good relationships with people in your team, it is also a great idea to expand your network and socialise with people from different company departments. Take advantage of social events to get to know other people in the business. Even if you choose to find another job after the internship, having a large network of people might be able to help you in your next role.


Don’t keep asking for a permanent position

While it is important to be keen in your role, it is vital that you don’t come across as too keen by continuing to ask for a more permanent role. Bringing it up towards the end of the internship is advisable and if you have done well should lead to employment discussions. More than that might give your employer the wrong impression and will actually be counterproductive.


Overall, it is all about making and maintaining a good impression for your employer. Working hard, highlighting your skills and being willing to learn new ones are all important in letting your employer know that you are the ideal person for a permanent position.

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