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PR/Marketing Manager Internship £19,000 Tech Solutions Home working London

Internship at Inspiring Interns

PR/Marketing Manager Internship £19,000 Tech Solutions Home working London

Internship at Inspiring Interns

  • LocationLondon, UK
  • Position levelInternship
  • Job period iconFull-time employment
  • Application deadline iconPosted on 11 Aug, 2018
  • Start date iconStart date:
  • Visa iconVisa Sponsor
  • Competitive£ 19,000.0 per year

This great start-up company specialises in providing decision making tools.

They help people to:

  • Quickly and easily gain an understanding of complex economic issues bandied about in the general media
  • Express their opinion about how things should be done in a way that has never yet been seen on the web or anywhere in public discourse, and which has the potential to radically alter the decision making processes that affect us all in our daily lives
  • Have a lot more fun than is normally associated with economic decision making!

How you can expect to spend your day?

We expect the site to become a go to place for people to come to find out more about what's behind current stories in the general media, and we need to build up a library of well written, well presented, engaging content, both original and curated to reinforce and validate that behaviour. We also want to attract people to the website and thus need someone who can write up long and interesting forum posts that can be shared across different forums such as Quora; these will then be referenced in tweets and in other places such as Quora comments, this way we can implicitly advertise whilst engaging with the audience. Day To Day Tasks

The site and concept will live or die by the amount of interest and traffic we can generate. The marketing / PR manager will be using internet marketing techniques such as SEO and content driven marketing, along with traditional techniques such as media PR, advertising, running competitions and promotions to generate that interest and traffic. At this stage it will mostly be concentrating on the social media platforms. This is essentially working on twitter, Quora and possibly Facebook to help build a social media presence, to drive traffic to the website and improve user engagement.

  • Managing the company Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Using forums to generate interest and traffic to the website
  • Social media overviews Generating ideas for promoting and building the brand
  • Traditional Media PR liaison

The ideal intern’s personality and qualifications:

  • Self-motivation - the desire and ability to work with minimal supervision and achieve professional grade results
  • Passionate about economics - huh? Sounds like an oxymoron? Run with us here: so much of our lives are affected by economics - our healthcare, our school system, our university funding, our parent's retirements, our safety as we walk the streets, our life opportunities, our social fabric, our relationships with other countries, our standing in the world. We are passionate about getting the best possible outcomes in all those domains (and many more) but we feel that the tools to achieve those optimal outcomes haven't been invented yet - so we're inventing them! No equations, no dry tables of numbers, just clear digestible information plus tools to help decide what's best - and achieve a better world.
  • Creative- the ability to come up with new and creative ideas to help us move forward. Remember that we are still in the early stages and constantly need to be coming up with new ways to take us further. We’re open minded and need all the ideas we can get. Most importantly, we need creative candidates to write interesting content to attract and keep consumers.
  • Marketing Savvy - digitally literate, aware of trends in technology, capable of using end-user tools such as blog writing tools etc.. as an early stage start up, once the platform is formed and content available, we'll be moving into marketing turbo mode. Everything we do needs to be aligned to that goal of achieving a wonderful, user-friendly, engaging platform and experience that people will want to use and talk about, that the media will want to know about, report on, talk about and contribute to. This needs to be in forefront of your mind as you help us on the journey.
  • Team player - you will be working in a small, tight-knit company, with an incredible opportunity in front of you but also a huge responsibility to collaborate and co-exist with your co-workers. We want smart, driven, talented people, and there are going to be many fascinating challenges ahead. But there will be a lot of hard slog and leg work, and we have no room for folks who'll try to just leave that for others.
  • Communication skills - so much of what we'll be focusing on is around generating and delivering clear and succinct content, it's important that you have strong communication skills, verbally and in writing.

The company is small but growing, and they have not gone public with their main platform yet. You will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement in the first instance, although they are expecting to be "going live" soon, which will mean a 180 u-turn from keeping the concept secret to promoting it to the greatest degree possible.


Initially the role will pay London living wage plus participation in a stock plan. This expectation for this role is 3 months minimum. The company is in the process of seeking pre-revenue funding via Angel Investors / CrowdSourcing / Venture Capital, and once funding has been secured, wages for these roles will at least double.

Equality / Diversity
We passionately believe that the strongest team is one which draws on a diverse range of opinions, backgrounds and talents. Our target audience for the site is ultimately pretty much every citizen on the planet, and the talent pool we are recruiting in is likewise unbounded. Please look very carefully at the qualities we are looking for and the nature of company and the role, and if you're interested and capable, please apply.

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